Thursday, February 12, 2009

Convergence: A Statement of Purpose

"Get people to follow your blog!" This is the convergence of many voices in my head. It SOUNDS like my shameless marketing voice when I say it out loud. But that voice isn't enough to pull me to action, it's a really small part of who I am. I KNOW I want people to show up here.  But why? So I do what I know how to do, teach others to do. Sit down to write a purpose statement for this Blog.

It's something like these three things. Use my creative talents to showcase the talents and voice of amazing women everywhere. Be a container to connect all of my many voices. Invite co-journers on the path. Three things.  Pretty big things. But like mountains, trees and sky, they are really one thing. 

So this will be my guide. I  have plans, but can't wait to see what simply shows up. Video interviews with amazing women; showcases of artistic talent; how-to instructions on making things, and thinking things; connections to cool stuff all over the world. A convergence of stolen moments. 

Wanna Play? I know we'll have a great time!

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  1. I tried having some kind of statement or theme for my blog but kept changing it every month, because I kept rebelling against it. Some things show themselves better over time, and I think... maybe finally I'm describing my blog better: I'm going to write whatever I like! hehe! Don't sweat it. Write and people will come. -Tea