Sunday, February 22, 2009

Confessions of A Virgo Control Freak

I have 13,852 photographs in iPhoto at the moment. Some I've uploaded to Flickr. A bunch I have sitting in various files on my desktop 'in transit' between iPhoto's own private Idaho file format, Photoshop, and the rest of the world. And then there is my thumb drive. 16 gig of what amounts to a big box of pictures in the hall that you throw stuff in every time you walk by. Faced with little mountains of laundry, piles of tax information, two clients awaiting some sort of coherent response from me and even an expectant and hopeful assortment of art supplies, chubby toddler arms raised in the air, "up? up?", what do I do? What any self-respecting Virgo Control Freak would do. Spend seven hours organizing my pictures.

Is it just a little sick how good that makes me feel? Haven't put a DENT in it mind you, but I key worded a year's worth, categorized and de-duplicated the mess on my thumbdrive and backed up my iPhoto library to my external hard drive. And unearthed a few of my favorites in the process.
"Dear Mr./Ms. IRS agent. I couldn't file my taxes this year due to procrastination. But here is a lovely shot of some beans I took at a farmer's market in Washington last summer. Feel free to count them."

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