Saturday, March 13, 2010

Something Old Something New...

Something borrowed... I mentioned in my last post my burgeoning packing list. When Claire faces a math problem that she hasn't encountered before I tell her "do what you know". Africa? No clue. Making lists - that I know how to do. In fact I am entertaining myself with an app I downloaded that lets you make packing lists! I have a big basket going of the things I am gathering. Take a close look, there will be a quiz later.

In my 'favorite new' category so far is an item not pictured here. An olive drab super heavy-duty canvas duffle from the Army Surplus store on Woodward. I'll admit I was a little frightened at the 'vibe' in this place less than a mile from my house. (And next door to a shooting range, I might add). But within 20 minutes I was seriously eyeballing those curvy knives they use to skin stuff! Recovering rationality I decided to leave any stabbing or skinning that might occur to the professionals.

In my 'favorite borrowed' category so far there is a tie between my Mother's 'tilly' hat - the cream-brimmed beauty at center of the basket, and the little plastic compass on a red string from my stepdad Dave. The hat has been to South Africa so I figure it will know the way, and the compass will lead me home.

So here comes the quiz part. After perusing the contents of my basket (click on the picture to view it big - then hit your browser's back arrow to return), what ONE thing would you suggest I add. And ahhh, can I borrow it?

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  1. Sunsceen,sunnies,and to really look the experienced safari traveller, a Leatherman Tool hanging on your belt!That really radiates that you know what you're up to in the bush.
    You won't be needing the natural laxatives.Quite the opposite...pack Immodium!
    Oh and never, never be without a pack of tissues or wipes.Pays to check behind that bush, or what's in that pile of leaves before you go....!
    Joys of travel in Africa!
    (Posted on his behalf :-) Thanks Jim!

  2. Oh, I've got immodium too! Planning for both possibilities. LOL. Umm what's a Leatherman Tool?

  3. Okay, so I suppose I was the inspiration for the "clean the basement" example! Okay, I'm inspired! Tee hee!

    Sunscreen, my dear, sunscreen!


    Real handy dandy things.Never know when you have to pull a camelthorn out of your heel.Or put a screw into a wall because your volunteer project accommodation is so basic, there is no place to hang your clothes.Or you see the nuts aren't quite tight enough on that plane you've hired to fly over the Nazca lines or skydive in Africa.
    Yep.Real handy!
    Just remember to place it in your checked luggage when flying internationally.They have a habit of being picked up in your carryon eventually, by airport scanners and being confiscated.Damn!''

  5. Thanks Jim - appreciated the note on your blog too about OTJ airport fame for delayed luggage. I'm cutting it close on arriving before a full on work day for a client and will make sure I am carrying what I truly need. And NOT my leatherman - if I can acquire one before the trip.

  6. I know of many people who have had bags delayed at OT Airport.Not funny when you have a family with no luggage for 3 days!
    Put contact details upon your bag for your hotel/lodgings.
    Best of luck it goes smooth.

  7. Having never been to Africa (but am drawn to it like you..remember all my dreaded South Africa movies?), I have no clue what you should take. But I'm with mom on the sunscreen (of course), and my Tilley hat has gotten me through many adventures on this continent, so I think you're set! How exciting!!!

  8. Take an open heart.

  9. Jungle juice is great and critical, but doesn't work for tsetse flies - nothing does unfortunately. Mosquito netting to go over your hat and tuck into your shirt helps. Advil PM for sleeping on the plane and adjusting to major time differences(it works better for me than Ambien).

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